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Consumer Banking

BSM Saving

Saving account in rupiah currency under Mudharabah Mutlaqah agreement with cash withdrawal facility on mutually approved conditions.   Features & Requirement

  • Based on the sharia principle with mudharabah muthlaqah agreement
  • Minimum opening deposit: Rp80,000
  • Minimum next deposit : Rp10,000
  • Minimum balance: Rp50.000
  • Account closing cost: Rp20,000.
  • Administration cost/month: Rp7.000.

Requirement: Customer’s ID card: (KTP/SIM/Passport), NPWP  Benefits :

  • Secured and guaranteed
  • Online across BSM outlets
  • Competitive profit sharing
  • BSM Card  with ATM and Debit Card functions
  • e-Banking facility: BSM Mobile Banking & BSM Net Banking
  • Easy payment of alms: zakat, infaq and sedekah .

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