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Consumer Banking

BSM Financing for Pensioner

Financing for Pensioner is a consumer financing facility (including multi-use financing) for pensioners. Installments are directly deductable from the monthly pension fund. This facility uses either murabahah or ijarah agreement.


  1. Legally qualified
  2. Pensioner of Central/Provincial Government, Military, Police, State Owned Company/Private Company/Foreign Company with regular pension fund (monthly)
  3. Maximum age upon maturity date is 70 years
  4. Agree to transfer monthly pension fund payment account to BSM.


  • Opportunity and ease of financing facility
  • Customer’s improvement in quality of life with direct deduction from monthly pension fund.

Financing Allotments:

  1. School fee (ijarah agreement)
  2. House renovation (murabahah agreement)
  3. Household equipment procurement (murabahah agreement)
  4. Motor vehicle purchase (murabahah agreement)
  5. Purchase of commercial goods for business (murabahah agreement).

Values and Tenors:

  1. Maximum financing Rp100,000,000.00
  2. Financing tenor ranges from 1 (one) to 3 (three) years.

Documents Required:

  • Customer’s letter of request for financing along with breakdown details
  • Photocopy of  Customer and spouse’s Citizen ID
  • Photocopy of Family Card
  • Photocopy of Marriage/Divorce Act
  • Letter of  Pension Statement
  • Photocopy of telephone/electricity account
  • Photocopy of SHM/SHGB /IMB/PBB untuk pembiayaan dengan jaminan rumah
  • Photocopy of motor vehicle ownership documents (BPKB/ STNK/Invoice) of the motor vehicle collateral
  • Letter of  statement and authorization for pension fund regular deduction, sealed and signed by the customer

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