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Education and Training Programs

A key to the performance quality maintenance of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) rests on continuous development of employee education and training.

BSM upholds the commitment to Human Resources development. High performing employees account for the main pillar towards market leadership and Sharia banking development in Indonesia. Towards human resources excellence, BSM has developed continuous learning programs, supported with the best learning facilities.

BSM has provided employees with Human Resources quality development infrastructure through a variety of Education and Training (Diklat) classes, consisting of Competency Based Training Programs, E-Learning; and Learning Center.

A. Competency Based Training Programs
The education and training programs are aimed at achieving the expected competency of each employee pursuant to respective designation. The programs are prepared on the basis of Competency Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) that is internally developed in BSM. These programs include:

  1. Core Training: a basic training compulsory for all BSM employees.
  2. Functional Training: a training specifically designed to improve technical competency pursuant to the employee’s job description/.
  3. Behavior Training: a training aimed at improving employee behavioral competency for certain levels and positions.
  4. Managerial Training: Training aimed at improving managerial and leadership competency of BSM employees for structural positions.

BSM Education and Training Programs run in the following 3 delivery methods:

  1. E-Learning: The training process completely uses E-Learning media. E-Learning system starts with registration, training, test and evaluation up to the training certification.
  2. Classroom Training: The training process run in classes (at the BSM Learning Center or at the Coordinator Branch) for enhancing employee skills.
  3. Blended Learning: The training process combines E-Learning and classroom training. Employees take E-Learning class first for knowledge enhancement. After passing the E-Learning pre-test, employees attend classroom training improvement in skill that is supported by knowledge gained from the E-Learning.

B. E-Learning
E-Learning is a learning process aided by information technology facilities. E-Learning is an infrastructure for accelerating employee development process thank to its access through all BSM branch offices in Indonesia round the clock. E-Learning facilities have been internally developed and integrated 3 employee development applications as follows:

  1. Human Resources Information System (HRIS);
  2. Learning Management System (LMS);
  3. Competency Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM).

BSM E-Learning offers hundreds of training subjects and thousands of evaluation test questions of various training subjects.

C. Learning Center
BSM has prepared Learning Centers for classroom training activities, both in Jakarta and the Regional Offices. BSM Learning Center is based at the 7th Floor of Al-Azhar University Jakarta. Facilities available include classrooms, mini bank laboratory with intranet networks and E-Learning, dining rooms, prayer room and training administrator office. BSM has also prepared Gold Pawnshop Laboratory for employee knowledge improvement among employees in charge of gold pledge business development, from the operator through to the managerial levels. For corporate culture development, BSM employees are actively involved in implementation programs of Shared Values consisting of Excellence, Teamwork, Humanity, Integrity and Customer Focus (ETHIC). In addition, BSM has developed employee integrity improvement through the following regular activities:

  1. Morning Prayer Forum (FDP) on Mondays where the BSM Directors with all head-office employees meet to discuss weekly performance and information update. The FDP report is accessible to all employees of all branches through the intranet.
  2. Wednesday Afternoon Prayer at the head office and all branch offices in Indonesia.
  3. Friday Morning Prayer at the head office and all branch offices in Indonesia.

The Management of BSM along with the employees are committed to procurement and development of human resources quality. The commitment represents continued support to the transformation of BSM into a Sharia bank Indonesian people can be proud of.

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