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BSM International Transfer Western Union

Real-time on-line money remittance  across different countries or in the same country (domestic).


  • Fast,  within seconds, the fund is ready for claim by the beneficiary
  • Served  by +/- 200,000  agents in +/- 200 countries
  • Applicant/Beneficiary does not have to be a bank account holder or does not have to be domiciled at the supplicant’s country or at the transfer destination country.
  • Remittance to  certain countries will have to be complemented with a security test question.

General Requirement:

  • Service available at all Bank Syariah Mandiri branch offices.
  • Available for individual/corporate account holders in Bank Syariah Mandiri or another bank..
  • Sender/Beneficiary/Authorized Bearer /Authorized institution submit identity cards
  • Paying agent pays the transferred fund to  the Beneficiary in local currency or another  approved currency  at the destination country.
  • Sender is subject to remittance cost
  • Beneficiary  at Bank Mandiri is charged only with stamp duty.


  • Will Call : money remittance or money claim where the Beneficiary is individual.
  • Quick Pay : money remittance where the Beneficiary  is a company registered in the client list by the Western Union system.
  • Additional Services
    • Message transmittal
    • Security code transmittal (test question) *
    • Direct cash delivery to Beneficiary address (physical delivery) *
    • Notification on money remittance to the Beneficiary (phone notification) *.

Money Remittance Requirements:

  • Money Remittance
    • Filling in and signing the  money remittance form
    • Fund (rupiah currency) handover and original, valid ID card
    • Filling in transfer data including Sender’s Name, Beneficiary’s name, Amount of  fund, transfer country of origin,  and remittance reference number.
  • Money Claim
    • Filling in and signing the  money claim form and submitting valid ID card
    • Informed of transfer data consisting Beneficiary’s name, Sender’s name, amount of transferred fund, transfer country of origin and remittance reference number (required only upon certain condition)
    • Customer receives the money in rupiah currency.

* Valid only in certain countries

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