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Consumer Banking

BSM Tabungan Berencana

Time saving account with progressive profit sharing and guarantee of predefined fund target achievement.

Features & Requirement:

  • Based on the mudharabah muthlaqah Sharia principle.
  • Saving term range from 1 to 10 years.
  • Customer’s minimum age 18 years and maximum 60 years upon maturity date.
  • Monthly minimum deposit Rp100,000..
  • Minimum fund target Rp1,200,000 and maximum Rp200 million.
  • Amount of monthly deposit and saving period cannot be changed.
  • No additional deposit outside monthly deposit.
  • Saving balance cannot be withdrawn, and if closed prior to the maturity date (end of contract period)  will be charged with administration cost.

Requirements: Customer’s ID card (KTP/SIM/Passport)

An account holder in BSM  to be treated as the source account.

Benefits: Cash plan is useful for meeting the fund target, and the insurance benefits can be calculated as follows.:

Insurance benefits  =  Fund target –  Balance upon cash claim.

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