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Business Banking

BSM Revolving Fund Financing

Working capital financing under the musyarakah agreement echeme with flexible fund withdrawal pustuant to the customer needs.

Agreement Scheme

  • Using the musyarakah scheme
  • Musyarakah is a joint venture between two or more parties or capital owners (syarik/shahibul maal) to finance a halal and productive business project.


  • Solution to Customer’s liquity problem, especially in the need for short-term fund
  • Customer can optimize the use of fund in line with the actual needs through flexible fund withdrawal..


  • Working capital financing type
  • Available for individual and corporate customers
  • Financing tenor is 1 and is extendable
  • Using 2 (two) accounts: Current Account and Financing Account
  • Fund withdrawal at anytime using check/BG. Transfer by check/BG.


  1. Small, medium, big commercial and corporate customer
  2. Customer prepared use of fund for 1 (one) month
  3. The facility is designed for temporary working capital and not for Permanent Working Capital that is self liquidating in line with the decrease in business activities during financing period
  4. Each use of Revolving Fund Financing facility must be used for achieving the target sales realization for profit sharing purposes.
  5. Active current account pursuant to the business activities.

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